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"Self mastery is the ability to go from vision to reality and to be responsible for it"



Self Mastery game cards and tokensSemi-precious stones
act as talismans for
the participants.

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Copies of the Self Mastery Game are available for £45.00 with FREE POSTAGE in the UK, all games come with Crystals as the game play tokens.

*** I have some copies of the Self Mastery Game which have slightly marked boards and/or bags which I can offer out at a discounted price of £37.50 inc postage. Please email me to order discounted games ***

Please order by 17th December & pay by BACS or Paypal for delivery before Christmas (UK only)

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Host a Self Mastery game...

An opportunity for you to try out the game in the comfort of your own home, spend a memorable few hours with close friends and get some insight into a situation that’s important to you. Kate will visit your home and guide you & up to 5 friends through the game, sharing its insights and messages, questioning & helping to interpret the messages from the board leaving you feeling inspired, empowered and ready to take positive action! The game usually takes 2 to 3 hours, so perfect for a Sunday afternoon or evening during the week. For more information and to book, please call Kate on 07767 655797 or email.


If you would like some more information, please contact Kate on 07767 655797 or email.

    Each Self Mastery set contains:
  • 1 playing board & instructions
  • 4 Symbol booklets
  • 6 stone tokens and 1 dice
  • 40 Guardian Angel cards
  • 40 Dream cards
  • 40 Gift cards
  • 40 Challenge cards
  • 40 Revelations cards
  • 20 Physical Doorway cards
  • 20 Emotional Doorway cards
  • 20 Mental Doorway cards
  • 20 Intuitive Dorway cards
  • 20 Spirit Light cards
  • 40 Self Mastery cards
  • 1 silk pouch

Self Mastery game board and layout

Your journey will take you around and up a series of planes to insight and discovery.

Dream, Challenge, Gift, Angel and Revelation cards give you encouragement, focus your mind, support your endeavours and create breakthroughs.Self Mastery game doorway and spirit light cards

Your Doorway Card is like a ticket to a higher plane. It offers a message of encouragement and a point of focus for the next section of your journey.

Self Mastery game booklets for interpreting symbols on the board

These booklets allow you to interpret the meaning behind each step you take on each of the four planes

The Self Mastery Card is the prize at the end of your journey. It gives you an overview to your question. It opens the higher doorway to wisdom and reveals amazing insights.