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"Self mastery is the ability to go from vision to reality and to be responsible for it"




Self Mastery game cards and tokensSemi-precious stones
act as talismans for
the participants.

Shows & events

Kate at Mind Body Soul exhibition Kempton Park 2009Currently taking a break from attending shows, copies of the Self Mastery game are available to purchase online.

Playing the Self Mastery Board Game at some of the events we attended in 2010

Playing the game at The Monastery, Manchester April 2010 - what an amazing venue, see for details
of the next show at The Monastery and visit The Monastery for venue details.

Playing the Self Mastery game at Manchester - Mum gets the info, daughter rolls the dice!

Playing a taster session of the Self Mastery board game of life at The Monastery in Manchester

Playing a session of the game of life Self Mastery board game at The Monastery in Manchester

The lovely Liz Josey (Empowerment Coach & Louise Hay Workshop Leader) enjoying her first experience of the game at the Assembly Rooms in Glastonbury in May 2010 - - with Robbie's great psychadelic artwork in the background!

Liz Josey playing the Self Mastery game of life in Glastonbury

Thanks to Samantha Milns for the photos!