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"Self mastery is the ability to go from vision to reality and to be responsible for it"



Semi-precious stones
act as talismans for
the participants.

Self Mastery has been brought into being by Sally Gibb-Cumming from Australia. A numerologist since 1976, Sally began developing Numerology source cards in 1992 as an extension to her numerology readings. A breakthrough came in 1997 and Sally started working on the Self Mastery Game. Almost three years after the initial development of Self Mastery®, Sally took the game and the Numerology Source Cards to Egypt for the purpose of placing them in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The powerful vibrations that Sally received while in meditation there, initiated, aligned and facilitated the process of spiritual resurrection and healing. The energies of this powerful place established the channelling of the Self Mastery Source cards, which were then added to complete the game. Read Sally's full story here -

Self Mastery has been available in Australia since 1999 and is now being imported to the UK by Kate Wardman.

Kate spent a few years as part of the team at White Mountain Retreat in Crete, taking responsibility for the kitchen, after deciding to take a career break from the corporate world of publishing in 2003.
Kate met retreat guest Lesley Cotton in 2004, who loved the food so much she invited Kate to cook at some retreat weekends in the Cotswolds during the winter months. It was at one of these retreat weekends (January 2007) that Kate first experienced the Self Mastery game, through Elizabeth Cairns - who had found the game through a friend in Australia and had started facilitating Self Mastery game workshops.
The next month (February) Kate went to Australia for the first time for her brothers wedding in Melbourne, visiting some friends in Sydney en route (who had also been guests at White Mountain in 2006) and whilst there discovered Sally Gibb-Cumming lived 'just around the corner'.
It seemed like too good an opportunity to miss, so Kate contacted Sally to arrange a meeting - initially on behalf of Elizabeth to discuss facilitating workshops in the UK. Kate and Sally both felt a very strong connection on meeting and lots of talking and peppermint tea later, Kate left with a suitcase full of games and is now importing the game, through Sally, to the UK!

Now, in the UK, the game 'A Guided Journey to Self Mastery®' is ready to make a difference to those that choose to embark on their own journey to self mastery and to be empowered by its wisdom.

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" The game arrived on Saturday.  I'd previously played it with a friend of mine and thought it was so good I wanted my own version to play with everyone I know.


"Thanks so much for sending the game so promptly - my friends and I had great fun with it on Saturday night and learnt an awful lot about each other in the process! A fantastic game and I will definitely be recommending it to all and sundry...
All best wishes

"I played the game with some friends the other day and was really impressed with the way I could obtain such direct guidance in detail.  I am a practising medium who very fortunately receive wonderful personal guidance, but this game gave me an alternative perspective that really opened my eyes.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for people to reach peace and happiness.